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Considering the quality and model of your car, its worth might be from $200 to $10,000 to car wreckers. It all depends on what percentage of your vehicle would be salvaged into parts and scrap metal. For Example: If you have an old, junk 1000-1500 kg car, that most of the parts can’t be used than you might receive $200 because of its mostly scrap metal.

But it is relative at this point since we don’t know what Model, Made, Age or Condition it is, to provide you with car wrecking prices.

But let us be real for a moment here. Sometimes there are situations when a car is worth much less, lets say $50 bucks. This might be because of the car age, the parts and the condition of the car are very low quality.

Which means: You can’t expect Any Auto Wreckers to pay $200 for your car if it is salvageable only into scrap metal. And that metal worth half the price.


You can find out how much your old car is worth filling out a FREE online quote form or calling us at 0414 664 990 today!

Do you have an old, damaged or unroadworthy car?

Oriental Car Removal can buy your unwanted car for up to $10,000 in cash, the same day in a hassle free buying process. Our scrap car prices are above the industry standards thanks to our Unique Salvaging Process when extracting.

How much do wreckers buy cars for?

Wreckers can buy cars for $200 to $10,000, and it is calculated by considering the current trends of the Scrap Metal Prices per Kilo this year, Your car age and Condition. The process of Scrapping a car and what parts of the vehicle are usable and other relevant factors. This is usually the average Price to expect for scrapping vehicle in Perth WA

But don’t worry, if the car worth is higher upon inspection, you will get paid higher. But there are cases when a car is not worth even a $100 dollars.

Should I Sell Car to wreckers in Perth?

Selling the car to wreckers is one of the fastest and hassle-free processes to get rid of the unwanted vehicle. The reason is that they take care of everything for you, and you can get rid of that car for cash the same day.

If the car is worth, you might consider selling it someplace else. That is because most of the car wreckers, even we at Oriental Car Removal have some general calculator for each car, condition, and age. And that usually applies when Selling car for scrap metal.
When we come to inspect the vehicle, your you might be offered more cash if it has more significant value

It doesn’t matter if you have a Toyota Hilux for sale Perth, or looking for Mazda wreckers in Perth; Oriental Pretty much got you covered with their Car Removal or Cash for Cars Perth Services

What is Cash for Cars Service?

Cash for Cars is a Service that most auto wreckers are offering. A process where in exchange for your car you receive money. Here usually you can get from $100 to $10,000 in cash. It is very customer satisfying process when we buy an old scrap vehicle and get them to cash the same day.

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What is Car Removal Service?

Car Removal is usually a Free Service that gets that junk, non-running vehicle removed from your yard. The General knowledge here is that most of the people think that they need to pay for this service. In Fact, if you call any wrecker in Perth, they will remove that broken car, truck, SUV and pay you up to $10,000 cash for it

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Fun Fact: Did you know this that Australian Car Removals/ Auto Wreckers have the best service in the World?

We offering almost all of our services for free, get you cash and pay you the most.

Should you be taking the car to wreckers?

There is no need for you to be taking your car to wreckers because most of the auto wreckers come to you for a Free pick up!

It doesn’t need to be in running condition, and our friendly staff will arrange to get it on the truck.

We can come to you anywhere in Greater Perth, even if your car is swimming in the Swan River. Wehave a service area of 100 KM from our Wrecking Yard in Maddington, and we always have teams removing vehicles through WA.

Best Car Salvage or Wrecking Yards Perth WA?

The best car salvage yards or wrecking yards usually offer the all services for free and get you a fistful of cash for your vehicle.

To find the best salvaging, wrecking or junkyards Perth you need to look for reviews.

You can do this by setting the rating count above 4.5 stars on google and find one that works for you. But don’t worry, if you are here, Oriental Car Removal can cover all your scrapyard or junkyard needs.

Why Oriental Car Removal?

Oriental Car Removal strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Up to this day we have served more than 15,000 customers and did a huge favor to the people and our environment.

We recycle your scrap metal – that means cars, buses, 4WD’s and car bodies too. That means we are not typical commodore or holden wreckers or even Toyota auto dismantlers. We can buy any vehicle for cash up to $10,000.

Everything is done in by the industry standards, That means that those harmful chemicals, like oil or sulfuric acid that are still in your damaged or unused car, will be recycled responsibly by using specialized equipment.

These chemicals are being hazards for humans and animals alike, so they must be recycled by professional.

Looking for a wrecking yard near me? You can grab a quote and schedule to get your car picked up, and have cash in your hand all in the same day!

We are wreckers that buy cars, trucks, SUV and even collect ALL DAY on a Saturday! We are Reliable wreckers Perth WA that can buy even your 4×4 or work utes for sale Perth WA.

Sell your unwanted car to us and enjoy your day off with that cash!

Because we are Easy to work with
All it takes is a call or submitting a form, that’s how comfortable we are to work with

  1. We schedule for a free pickup,
  2. We come to you,
  3. We bring cash,
  4. We have papers ready for you.
  5. You spend your cash on beer

How much my old Car is worth to Oriental?

Your car might be worth from $100 to $10,000 to us. But have a peace of mind, because we are offering more! We are using our own unique Oriental Wrecking process where we get you the most cash for your car.

The whole process is efficient because we try to use most of the vehicle parts, metals, glass, liquids to get you a nice amount of cash for your vehicle

Want to find out How Much Wreckers Pay for Cars? Contact Oriental Car Removal today for a car wreckers quote by calling [phone-number] or filling out our online form!

Don’t get in to a sticky situation for someone irresponsible driving- if you don’t own your car anymore notify Department of Transport Western Australia www.transport.wa.gov.au immediately.

There can be various reasons why you don’t own your vehicle anymore

  • The vehicle has been sold to another
  • You have given your to a car wrecker to be taken apart
  • The car has been stolen
  • It has been repossessed by insurance or a different party

No matter what ways you look at it you no longer own your car…it belongs to another!

You need to report your car to the relevant Western Australian government authority. You have to report the car to the Department of Transport Western Australia.

Here you can cancel your registration

Why is it important for you to inform that you no longer own your vehicle?

  • The car has been in a road mishap
  • Used in an illegal activity
  • Be involved in transport/road infringements
  • Has been judged unfit for the road

If any of the causes above are related to your former car you will be held accountable. This will involve having to go to the transport authorities, the police and possibly the courts. The course of action can be complex, demanding and be a take-up on your time and cash. It is under no circumstances simple explaining that the car is not yours at that point of time. In particular instances you could be charged with being irresponsible with your duty which might lead to fines and based on the harshness of the wrongdoing even jail time.

Why are vehicle licenses cancelled?

  • Not being on-time on payments
  • You have decided to cancel your registration
  • The car has been written off – not appropriate for the road
  • Car doesn’t fit with Western Australian government road regulations

Cancelling Your Car Registration In Western Australian

If you are a recorded user of the car you can cancel the vehicle registration at any time you like. But make certain to adhere to WA government transport regulations.

You will need to locate a Department of Transport (DoT) Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or Agent. – and visit there in person to cancel your registration

What you need to complete registration

  • Proof of your identity
  • Vehicles documents of registration(if possible)
  • Voluntary cancellation of vehicle licence by owner -A completed and signed Number plates and/or cancellation of registration form
  • Vehicle number plates(if possible)
  • An original letter from your insurance business or police stating the date of the event- If the car has been written off or been pinched and you want a repayment backdated
  • Cancelation payment charge
Car Disposal & Vehicle Licence Cancellation Perth

Car Disposal & Vehicle Licence Cancellation Perth

Details you need to fill the form registration

Vehicle Information

  • Registration plate’s number
  • Year of manufacturer
  • VIN/Chassis number
  • Engine number

Seller Details

  • Name/company of seller
  • Address
  • Date of removal
  • Licence/Customer number

New operator’s details

  • Name/company of buyer
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Licence/Customer number

The above listed points will be needed when completing the vehicle registration cancelations form

If you make use of the above instructions you will be able to cancel your vehicle registration simply and effortlessly. If you don’t own your car it is preeminent to cancel it to stay away from problems in the future due to the new owners

Do you require help?

Oriental Car Removal one of the top car removal companies in Perth can offer you help. We will let you know all when it comes to disposing your vehicle and cancelling your car registration. If you are looking to get rid if your car for cash –we offer some of the top rates in Perth. If you wish to know more about vehicle registration cancelation in Perth WA or a free quote for selling your car for cash get in touch with us on 0414 664 990 or via visiting our website.

Our Customers Speak for Us

Customers are our sole reason that encourages us to drive forward with the mission to provide greater services each time we go to their location to buy their Unwanted Cars & provide them with top dollar offers. At Oriental Car Removal, we’re always open to our customer reviews, tell us what you think about our services and the Cash we offer Perth wide.

“I would like to say a big thank you to you and the guys. The guys are punctual and knew exactly what they were doing.”

Mark Fadz

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Fill in our Quick Quote form or email for a quote or Call 0414 664 990 to speak to a Car Removal Consultant. Contact OrientalCarRemoval to ensure your Day ends with a smile.

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