4-Step Guide to Transporting Your Car Sustainably

Moving is a stress endeavour where you are about to embark on a new journey in a fresh place. Organising the logistics of your move is important to minimise stress. When it comes to the big move an important consideration to make is how will you transport your car or family cars? It’s a helpful idea to enlist the services of an auto transportation company or a shipping company. We provide 4 key steps to ensure you find the right mover for your treasured car/s and give you the low-down on what you need to prepare for this journey!

Step 1 – Sourcing the right Auto Transportation Company

There are various ways of finding the right car transporter from your social to online searches. It is important that you make use of a company that is registered, licenced and insured and it should be reputable. When you go online to search for the auto transportation company that best suits your needs make sure you check out the mover’s accreditation, insurances and see if there are valid customer testimonials ( product review) or Google reviews to show how the customers of the company you are looking into using are rating their services.

Step 2 – Have your car details ready

Make sure you have all the necessary information at hand so that you can easily provide the auto transporter with your details and they can draft a quote for you. The questions below are common questions asked by potential transporters.


  1. How many cars do you need transported?
  2. What is the make, model and year of your car?
  3. What is the mileage on your car?
  4. Is your car in working order?
  5. What are your vehicle number plates?
  6. What is your move date? Transporting your car in off-season works out cheaper.
  7. How far away is your new home? The transporter can then work out the distance your car/s will need to be transported.

Do you want the car collected from your old address and taken to your new address directly or are you willing to fetch it at the company doing the car move’s drop off station? Door-to-door shipping is more costly.

Step 3 – Requesting comparative quotes

Once you have found a few car transportation companies you like the look of you can easily request quotes online via their websites or if you prefer phone them and ask for a quote to be sent. Use the info you gathered in Step 2 to fill in your car details on the Request a Quote forms of the various potential car transporters online. After you have received the comparative quotes you can chose the company that is most affordable and looks most reputable for moving your car.

Step 4 – Book your transporter

Once you have picked your preferred car shipper you can pay the necessary deposit or payment to secure your booking and that your car is picked up and in safe hands. Make sure you act timeously. If you order your car’s pick-up ahead of schedule you will likely have a better chance of getting your car on your desired date.


Jordan Panos is the founder of environmentally minded delivery service platform, ecoloads.com.au. Recently awarded the Westpac Business of Tomorrow Award, ecoloads connects customers who need something moved, with transporter’s who have the means to pick up and deliver. The ecoloads mission is to save you costs and cut down CO2 emissions by optimising vehicle spare capacity. Ecoloads has also partnered with Green Fleet to push real climate action, ensuring their 1200+ transporters Australia-wide are keeping it green.

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