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Car Removal Perth

Do you Need Car Removal Perth offer from a licensed company, that can pay you Cash for vehicle Removal? We at Oriental Car Removal can help you with this.

What we can do for you:

  • Offering top dollars up to $9999, any conditions, age, make or model
  • Free Paperwork
  • Easy to schedule appointment
  • Get Paid Cash the same Day!









Oriental Car - Licenced Australian Company

Do you have an unwanted car that you want to get rid of? We know that sometimes can be very hard to sell an unwanted car, truck, van.We’ve been there.


That is the reason that our team at Oriental Car Removal perfected the process to make it fast and easy to sell your old/ unwanted car.

Oriental Car Removal is your call for the speediest car removal in town. We collect cars around the clock, so you have the convenience of our services when you require them.

No looking around town, and no hassles having your car removed. We will schedule a pickup at a time that is convenient for you. We don’t require a long transaction. Our Car Removal is quick. Just call and provide us with your car details for us to give you a fair quote. If you agree to our terms, you’ll schedule a date, time & location for us to come, inspect, buy and remove your Unwanted Car for Free! You can also get the Same Day Car Removal service from Oriental Car Removal.

Get a Free Perth Car Removal service from Oriental

We don’t leave you empty handed when we collect your Scrap Car. We won’t even schedule a free removal until we make you a quote for your car. Once you accept our quote, you’ll receive a Free Perth Car Removal service from us! At Oriental Car Removal, your removal can leave up to $9999 of instant cash we’ll pay right on the spot!

The Same Day Car Removal Perth Wide!

Auto Wreckers Perth Australia

Frequently Asked Questions about your Car Removal City services:

Here are some frequent asked questions from our customers. If you have any additional questions please use our Contact Us form or call us.

What is your unique Oriental Car Removal process?

That is a secret. But in a nutshell it is a very efficient way of getting the most of your junk car.

All you have to know is that you get more cash for your car, and we profit too!

Am i selling my car to Oriental Car Removal?

Yes, you will be selling your car to Oriental Car Removal. Oriental Car Removal is Licensed Australian company. We have serviced over 15.000 customers. Our teams and partners are covering most of Western Australia.

How does a Perth Car Removal service works?

Well the general assumption is that, in order to do something you have to pay for it. But that is not the case with most of the Perth car removal companies.

It really goes in three simple steps. But all you have to do is make a call our phone 0414 664 990  or submit an enquiry

  1.  1.You Call and we talk about the car you want to sell, and schedule apointment
  2. 2.Our Team comes to remove the car for free, with all the paperwork ready.
  3. 3.That happens the same day and they bring you the cash for your unwanted car.

How fast is the Oriental Car Transfer process?

The Car Transfer Perth service is very fast and easy.

  1. 1.You call or submit an enquiry and we tell you the price for your car.
  2. 2.Our Free Car Removal service comes to you with the cash with all papers ready.

How will i get paid?

You get paid Cash when our team comes to pick the car. After you sign the documents to keep everything legal.

What is the best way to get more cash for my old junk car?

You can try selling your car online on some advertising sites. That can get you extra cash for your old junk car.

But that can take weeks and even months to sell.

Oriental Car Removal can remove your car the same day.

What is difference between junk car and car removal?

The difference is their terms. Junk car is unwanted car that you can’t use anymore. Or you don’t want to use. Mostly junk cars are abandoned from maintenance and taking care of. You can see even some on the streets, parking lots, in your garage.

Car removal is the process of removing the Junk Car.

Our Car Removal Perth is one of the few reliable services in Perth where you can get rid of your vehicle for Free.

How much does a truck removal cost?

It Depends on the distance between your home and the removal company. But why pay when you can remove your unwanted truck for free?

Auto Dismantles Companies like Oriental Car Removal and our partners are offering this service for free.

So if you are wondering Where can I get free truck removal service in Perth?” Call us and enjoy the convenience of getting rid of your unwanted truck in minimum time and free of charge. Regardless of its condition, age, make or model.

What does your car removal Perth service offer?

  • 1.Free Car Removal Perth, Can be Truck, Van, 4wd
  • 2.Free Auto Wrecking
  • 3.Free Auto Recycling
  • 4.Cash for your car the same Day

Also please check out our vehicle removal  video in Perth that explain the process more thoroughly.

Also please check out our vehicle removal  video in Perth that explain 

Check our Car Wreckers Perth Video for more info.

What is scrap car removal?

It is basically removing a scrap car for free with our services. Scrap cars are really a hassle to both car owners and the environment.

Owners most of the time they would think they will have to pay lots of money to remove it, but in the contrary they can actually remove that scrap car today.

What areas your Car Removal Perth service covers?

We cover most of Western Australia with all of our services. We have partners that can speedup the process too if we can’t come to you the same day.

Some of the areas Oriental Car Removal Covers

  1.     1. Greater Perth
  2.     2. South West
  3.     3. Far North Western Australia
  4.    4. Welshpool
  5.     5. Peel
  6.     6. Joondalup
  7.     7. Mandurah

What cars do you accept?

We accept any cars. Any unwanted cars, trucks, UTEs, 4wd.

All models, makes and brands. Any condition where they may they be old, scrap, wrecked, accidental or unwanted.

We proudly offer our car removal services where the vehicles are recycled in an eco-friendly way. This way we are eliminating the harm to the environment. Yes we care deeply about our environment

Do you buy flood damaged cars?

  1. 1. Yes. We really understand that these cars can be unreliable and they are hard to sell on your own.
  2. 2. You know how it is.
  3. 3. There is the smell, where if the car wasn’t clear for some time so the smell in the car is very bad. You simply can’t hide it.
  4. 4. Damages on the equipment and visible rust.
  5. 5. But don’t worry
  6. 6. Our car removal professionals can deal with all of this and still get you an extra cash for your flooded vehicle.
  7. 7. Our secret lies in our oriental dismantling process where we well sell all of the parts from your car. That allows us to give a price beyond comparison for flooded vehicles
  8. 8. Just call your favorite car removal company.

Any additional information that i need to know?

It is always good to inform yourself. If you have some concerns just call our offices and ask the questions. Or you can visit our government Department of Transport where they have a guide on how to sell or transfer a vehicle

Scheduling a Car Disposal Only Takes a Call

Our process to have your vehicle removed is not lengthy, nor is it a hassle. Our ‘stress-free pickups’ are scheduled around the clock, so our customers have nothing but convenience when having their vehicle removed. We plan collections over the phone, or through our web page. Just contact our appraiser for a quote for your Sedan, Truck, Van, 4×4, SUV, Ute, Jeep, Bus, 4WD, Light Truck or Motorcycle. Accept the quote, and a pickup can be scheduled.

Get Top Cash for Car Wrecks in Perth

Regardless of the make or condition of the car we’ll be removing; We Pay top Cash for Cars. Our maximum payout is $9999 that is paid on the spot. We collect Used, Scrap, Accident, Damaged, Smashed, Salvaged, Broken, Old, and Unwanted Cars around the clock. Running or not, we load up and remove your car anywhere in Perth at no charge!

Car Removal Service Near Me?

Oriental Car Removal is a Perth based Cash for Cars Company. We also provide services thorough Western Australia and cover most of it with our partners.

So wherever you are searching for a Car Removal Service in Western Australia or Perth we can take away your car for cash.

What Car Services do you have?

We are car buyers, resellers, recyclers and wreckers. With our well-roundedness in the industry, car owners can sell any brands- Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Hyundai, Audi, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Holden, Volkswagen, KIA, and so on.
We are a reputable company that provides car owners with services designed to provide them with convenience. Our services include:

 1.Cash payments up to $9999 paid on the spot

 2. Free Car Removal Perth   

 3. Free Auto Wrecking

4.Free Auto Recycling

When you choose us, you don’t have to advertise, repair your car, or waste hours negotiating. Just a quick sale with a fair price.

How to Schedule a Car Disposal Perth service?

To schedule a car-pickup all that is necessary is to contact us over the phone or through our web page.

  1. 1. Contact us at 0414 664 990, and provide us with the make, model, year & condition of your car.
  2. 2. Quotes can also be obtained by filling out our online “Request a Quote” form at the top right.

Within minutes we will provide you with a quote that you can accept or reject. Once a quote is accepted a collection can then be scheduled.

Call 0414 664 990 for a Free Car Removal Perth service.

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