How Much Can Car Wreckers Pay For The Old Car?

The price of the old car depends upon a lot of factors. Selling a car to car wreckers Perth is different than selling it to a mechanic or to a third party buyer. The average pay-out starts from $100 for the junk car and according to value of car it can increase. The money a car owner gets majorly depends upon the weight and the working condition of the vehicle. The major benefit of hiring a car wrecker is that the customer gets the best value for the asset. This is because of the working methodology of car Wreckers.


Understanding the car:

In case a car owner wants the best Cash for Car Services Perth then he should first understand how the car is valued. After figuring this out he can easily find the right buyer for his car and sell the car at a higher price. Now let us check some factors that can help in determining the value of the car:


  • The brand of the car: The brand of the car is the first thing car wreckers are going to consider. This is because accordingly the popularity of the car and it’s value in the market can be understood. The car wreckers can repair approximately 75% of the car. Thus if the brand is popular in the market then it is a good sign. Car wreckers pay more for the luxurious brand than the normal ones.


  • Model of the car: If the company has stopped the manufacturing of the car then the demand in the market decides the price. For example, suppose there is a car named alpha. The company has stopped production two to three years ago but customers still like to use its parts due to good quality. In this case, car wreckers can pay a good amount as there is demand in the market. Their ultimate goal is to repair the parts and sell them in the market. Thus, factors like model, year of Manufacturing can play a key role in deciding the value of the car.


  • Accessories of the car: The accessories of the car play a major role in deciding its value. Car wreckers can pay more if the car is equipped with the latest Features like automatic gears management system, high-end music system, supercharger kits, custom rims, high-quality wheels etc. The warranty conditions and other add-ons are also considered here. As technology is improving day by day, the price of new accessories is also increasing. In case the car owner is selling quality parts then it can force car wreckers to pay a good amount.


  • The mechanical condition of the car: Car Wreckers pay more for the car in moving condition. This is because with a moving car, the scope of their business increases. Let us understand how:

As the car is in moving condition, this means parts like wheels and engine are in good condition. The way a car owner Maintains the vehicle can affect this condition. According to the condition of the car, car wreckers can repair these parts and call sell them accordingly in the market.


  • The time of selling: At what time a car owner is selling the car matters a lot. Many car owners do not think about this but this is one of the most important factors which can provide more cash. For example, in case the owner is having an SUV. Car wreckers can pay more in case of winters as the demand for the SUV rises. In this time people like to purchase more spare parts for big cars which trigger the demand in the market.


  • Waiting too much: Car Wreckers can easily evaluate for how long the car owner has not used the car. The old car removal won’t be easy if the car is at rest for a longer period of time. The logic behind this is simple as the car is at rest, the rust is going to cover it, the rubber becomes hard, fluids begin to settle out etc. Thus, keeping a car in the backyard can potentially decrease it’s worth.


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How to choose the best car wrecker in the town for the best cash?


With the understanding of the car, the car owner should also understand how to choose the best car wrecker in the town. This way he can get the best cash for his vehicle. Below are some steps that can help in choosing the perfect car wrecker:


  • Research properly: Most of the car wreckers have established themselves on social media platforms. Checking out reviews can help in understanding the experience of their previous customers.


  • Ask them about quotations: After finalising some car wreckers, ask them how much they can pay for the vehicle. Compare the quotations and check if they are offering Free Car Removal Services Perth or not.


  • Negotiate: After figuring out the best one, negotiate and close the deal.

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