The Whole Process to sell your car to Car Wreckers in Perth

Cash for Car Services

We will walk you through the complete process to sell your car to Car Wreckers in Perth and how you can have it sold at the best value. So, pay attention because, by the end of this blog, you will learn to make money through your old car.


Research is the initial stage of any process. Here also, you research for the right cash for scrap cars Perth Company. Search them online, read their services online. Make sure to look for the following things when you search for the car breakers Perth.


  • The company must be authorized to offer cash for car services in the designated area.
  • They must offer free car removal services from your location.
  • They must pay you instant cash
  • They must evaluate your car first for each part.

These weren’t the standard industry norms a few years back, but a few good companies started this trend and now people look for these services when they contact car wreckers Perth. So, make sure that you are getting the benefits of these services.


Get Quote over the Phone
When you contact the car wreckers in Perth, get the quote for your car over the phone from them. Share your car’s details over the phone and get a rough estimate. However, the actual quote is always given after the evaluation of the car is done. The estimate on the phone gives you a rough estimate though. Schedule a visit s per your convenience. Ask all the queries you have over the phone. If it is a quick sell, tell them that as well. They must have their trailers or trucks ready to tow away your car from your property.


Get the clarification of any hidden costs if involved. It is better to know beforehand. Tell them that you want to get paid cash on the spot so they must bring enough to pay you instantly.


cash for old cars


Car Evaluation
The experts from the car breakers in Perth will examine the whole car inside out. They look for the condition of the metal the parts. Make sure, they look closely at the working car parts and share the details with you. There’s a huge market for the used car parts. So the parts that are in good condition are sold separately. If your car has good parts in it, you get paid well. The company will sell those parts in the used car parts market and they are sold at a much higher price than the scrap metal.


This way, you get paid more because the parts that are still working conditions have more value. The working parts don’t go into the crushing machine. They are refurbished or restored and sold to the people looking for cheap car parts. Also, before the evaluation begins, make sure you take all the valuables from the car and empty the fuel tank as well.


Get Paid in Cash
After the evaluation, if you like the price the experts have pitched you, then you will get paid cash on the spot, and the experts from the car wreckers Perth company will tow away your car for free from your property the same day.


Make sure you do all the paperwork involved in the process including taking care of the car’s license plate.


This way, your car gets dismantled and its parts are used as raw material for the manufacturing process. It’s an eco-friendly way to get rid of your car and you get good cash as well. Get Top Dollar from the leading car wreckers in Perth.


If you get such a deal right, you not only fill your pockets with hard cash but also make space for a new car in your garage and you also let the company dispose of the car in an environment-friendly way. This is part of your social responsibility.


The cash for scrap cars Perth companies buy cars of all types. It doesn’t matter if your car is accidental, scrap, used, or unwanted for any reason. If you want to sell it, they will buy it. Any regular buyer won’t buy the scrap car or won’t give you the good money because such users don’t buy the cars that they can’t keep. The cars that nobody wants to own are sold straight to the car wreckers in Perth for a high margin of profit.


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