Tips For Buying A New Car In Perth WA

In this small guide below we gonna give you some Tips For Buying A New Car In Perth WA

Buying a car is a big milestone and commitment in a person’s life. A car might be one of the biggest buys you make in your lifetime. Get to know what’s involved in getting a car- not just one that looks good but something that is a perfect fit for you…the right car!

Picking The Right Car

When picking a new car there are 2 things that pop in to your mind instantly

  1. The appearance-how good it looks
  2. The budget- how much it’s going to cost

The above listed are 2 very important aspects in a buying a car. But there is more to it…

Other critical facts you need to consider



Your safety and of others-Does the car meet all the safety and security requirements


How will it run? Fuel consumption vs performance – cars built for high-performance usually guzzle up more fuel



Maintenance and upkeep-the running costs – high tech and luxury international /imported models will be costly to service, fix and insure. Does your research verify the prices of regular spare parts among your local auto parts dealers. Looking in to which insurance company provides the insurance premium that fits you.


It’s not just you; don’t forget the rest of your crew-the number of people you usually carry around


Heavy use-if you need power to pull a boat ,a trailer or room for materials you need for work or just regular sports gear (cricket equipment ,golf clubs, skis)


Places to crash and take a load off-if you need space for sleeping. The majority passenger-vans and wagons can be transformed to help get you a place to sleep.

Find the real cost


When buying a car there is lot more to the price than just the retail cost. There are a variety of extra costs that you need to consider and beware of.

These additional costs include

  • Stamp duty
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Extended warranties (this is optional- but in most cases worth getting it)
  • Dealer delivery charges

These above charges will change based on the model and additional requirements you may have.

Selecting A Car


You need to buy a car that best suits your and your current lifestyle. You will need a car that helps you to go about your day to day tasks easily and efficiently. You will in addition have to pay lot of attention to the price of the car. Do research on the car market first so that you know what to expect in terms of value for money. You will need to have enough money for car maintenance, running cots and insurance not hampering your other living expenses.

Finances –can you afford it?


Look around for finance options before you start car shopping. In no way accept and sign credit or finance contracts just because it’s fast, trouble-free or just easy. The interest rate you are offered in most cases when you are offered credit fast may be much higher than what you could get from other firms; who do due diligence before giving you credit. It’s best to consider obtaining finance and getting your money in order before hand or be alert of rates of finance offered before you visit a car dealership.

Paying attention to you finances and getting one that fits your bill will help you have a smooth experience when buying and using your car…Set limit to your budget and stick to it

Protect yourself


It’s extremely dangerous to purchase from an unlicensed dealer or a private seller. These purchases are unregulated and there is very little legal protection in the event there are problems and complications. Licensed dealers are required to offer a cooling-off period and Statutory Warranty on most used vehicles they sell.

Statutory Warranty in Western Australia -this applies for used old cars and vehicles

A ‘statutory warranty’ is relevant only to vehicles purchased from a licensed motor vehicle dealer.

The Motor Vehicle Dealers Act requires licensed dealers to fix defects in used motor vehicles they have sold to consumers

In addition the statutory warranty only applies to motor vehicles that have a buying price of $4,000 or above. For motor cycles that cost needs to be above $3,500 or more. Along with the price requirements for motor vehicles and cycles together with limits on age and the number of kilometers travelled at the time of sale.

Always make certain the vehicle truly is there, it is available, meets all your expectations and has everything that was marketed.

Buying a vehicle is a huge commitment therefore make sure all the boxes are checked first before signing on the dotted line…

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