Cash for Hail Damaged Cars in Perth WA

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After a gigantic thunderstorm, accompanied by hail and wreckage; a vast tidying up will have to take place! After the storm ravages businesses they will have to start over to get to previous the storm happening. This is the case for car business as well.

The instant a vicious storm raises its head; wrecked cars are separate off the car yards so space is fashioned for the new vehicles. So you wonder what happens to the cars broken in the storm.

In general the cars are sent to the insurance provider to gauge the break up and obtain compensation. Thus, to ease the monetary hammer, the seller will sell off the written-off cars – often at a very not expensive rate.

Petite breaks can often point to a okay deal on new or partially new car. Except you need to think of the significance when you acquire a car that was torn apart in a brutal storm or hail.

Too badly broken to be repaired vs. too expensive to repair

When buying a damaged car, it can be broken in to two categories -a statutory or repairable write-off

Statutory write-offs are vehicles that are so badly damaged that it’s not probable to be securely fixed up. Therefore cannot be registered! These types of cars are usually sold for car parts and scrap metal and can be a brilliant buy if you have a motor vehicle that desires additional parts. These wrecked vehicles can be sold to cash for cars companies that will offer you top Aussie dollar for broken cars in Perth with a free hail damaged cars removal service

Repairable write-offs are broken cars that you can re-register. Nevertheless this will simply occur after endorsement of the Written-Off Vehicle Inspection (WOVI) – next to the regular fit for the road assessments – these tests will confirm the car is road worthy.

In Perth, written off cars that need to get road cleared have to be permitted via Department of Transport Western Australia, to make known to would-be clients the past of the motor vehicle.

Numerous cars that have been in the center of a big storm that are on the trail to be sold may just be deemed as not fit for the road; awaiting they’re being put together. It’s very vital to get these cars inspected in detail; like when you are buying a new car.

Do up a damaged car

You may come face to face with a car that’s not ready for the road; as it has exterior break to machinery like paint, panels or windows. Folks are forever on the quest to find the newest car models; with mentioned above breaks and look to save a big wand of cash of a comparatively new car.

Even so be on your guard that the price of mend possibly goes over more than thought and becomes not so much a good buy!

Getting the vehicle back to its former greatness previous to the storm damage can be very costly to do mending and getting spare parts. As a result the money you sought to save in purchasing the car is cancelled by the restoration price.

It’s very important to perform research and analysis to discover the greatest offer on repair, as a lackadaisical work will just result in you having to shell out more money in the not too far-away future.

Consider the actuality that following a huge thunderstorm, one and all will have their vehicles at the mechanics – therefore there should be far-reaching delays in obtaining your car back.

Even so if you’re happy to drive around in a car with a little scrapes and dents – carry on! But make certain you get the car appropriately inspected by a competent mechanic prior to shelling big money on it.

Cash for Hail Damaged Cars in Perth
Cash for Hail Damaged Cars in Perth

Selling a damaged car by hail


At times it’s best to sell your wrecked car than trying to fix it particularly when it’s been in the middle of a nasty storm alongside with hail. The price for restoration of the car will not be rational as you can invest that money in to getting a shiny new car. Although the exterior of the car seems well as it can be patched up simply; you can under no conditions be sure of the interior fracture due to the hail on the motor vehicle.

Considering the option for selling your car for cash to a car removal company will be an intelligent choice. First of all do your study and examination and choose on the car wrecker that proposes you the largely excellent bid for your smashed and redundant vehicle. Taking in to account the state, the location and what the purchaser is searching for you will be offered a proposal for your unwanted and broken car.

Oriental Car Removal in Perth gives a price unrivaled for unwanted cars in Perth. For further details or a no obligation free quote speak to us now.

How Much Does Scrap Car Removal Cost in Perth WA

Mazda Wreckers

Are you on the lookout for a car removal business to help you out with your busted up car? Then you wonder how much cash it will cost you?

It’s a sensible query, a question that we often hear from folks that are in the market to make a purchase. It’s the same for individuals who require putting up their unwanted cars for cash.

The individuals who are novices to the car game or not awfully familiar in selling their unwanted or out of order cars for sale; anxious about how much cash they will get hold of for their former car. Their main objective is to make out what the maximum sum of money they can acquire!

Unfortunately, it’s not all the time clear-cut, as there are abundant of car removal companies doing business in Perth. All of the cash for cars companies state to the public they present the greatest cash for cars next to auxiliary services like free car removal, but in realism it all comes down to the vehicle and what the buyer is looking for.

The cost for car removal or cash for cars is comes down to a series of factors. Let’s dig deeper in on finding out what they are; subsequently you have to be realistic not to anticipate a bag full of money.

However be confident you do not present your car away for zilch… A bit of familiarity and research will be a great helper to make you self-assured on the subject of selling your car.

Below listed are factors on how much car removal cost

Car Removal cost comes down to the state and place of the car– the closer the vehicle; where it is located and condition. What it means a full car with the entire parts together will get you additional money; more cash added on to that price minus for towing if a vehicle is close. Nonetheless a lot of car removal companies offer free car removal services as an additional windfall to spin the deal in their favor.

You can decide on the time and location for the vehicle to be taken away. You get to decide the car wrecker that offers you the best deal. An alternative for you is to take the car the wrecking yard and hand it over. This will be of assistance for you to get more value for your car if there is towing charges or location boundaries.

The point of reference cost or cash for car removal is FREE when you sell the unwanted car to a car removal company.

The cost for towing if not done through a car removal business can be in the vicinity of $100 and $1500 depending on where the vehicle is.

The obviously pricey tows might be if your vehicle is in a different state or beyond city boundaries. Likewise if you want a tow after working hours it will be added on to the towing cost.

The standard cash for unwanted cars price usually starts from Aussie dollars $100 right up to $9,999.


How does broken and unwanted car removal in Perth operate?

Prior to totaling up your money you must to be awake to the idea of how the car removal trade industry works.

You must to do your investigation and scrutiny to find out who will offer you the most wonderful offer for your redundant vehicle.

It is very important that you are able to comprehend inner workings of how car removal and towing works. Taking into account what the purchaser is probing, the business and the condition are major points how the price can be changed.

A main false impression concerning a car removal business is that any person that gives the highest value is the obviously brilliant car removal company you select. This is not all the time correct; the company can offer an high price but when they arrive for pickup they put forward explanations and try to provide you the least sum probable. Their main argument is they declare the details you provided where wrong to the real state of the vehicle. Don’t be swindled; under no circumstances sign off on the motor vehicle if you don’t get value you are after.

How do you obtain a car removal quote?

You get a bid for your discarded car when you drop a line to a used car buyer using phone or email.
  • Make sure the quotation is provided by a specialist car removal crew expert.
  • Present all particulars relating to your car to all your perceptive. This will provide the car removal individuals to put forward a genuine and accurate price.
  • Ask a lot of concerning how much cash you will be offered and what the buyer is searching. Validate for additional circumstances and requirements.
  • The majority money you can get comes down to on how you haggle plus the state of the vehicle. Negotiate as much as humanly possible; show your acquaintance of the motor vehicle.
  • Show the purchaser that you have done the research and you are aware what the correct value you should get.
  • Include in your discussion the mileage, make, model, your locality, and all breaks of the motor vehicle plus any other particulars.
  • Hit upon if towing is FREE and if you bring the car yourself to the wrecking yard will get you extra cash.
  • Rego (registration) or no rego of the vehicle, as a lot of cash for Cars Company give additional cash if the car is registered.
  • For time-honoured brands like Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford or Honda you can get better price compared to other brands; so make sure the brand is taken in to account when the bid is decided.
How Much Does Scrap Car Removal Cost in Perth
How Much Does Scrap Car Removal Cost in Perth


Car Removal & Towing Cost


Subsequent to selling the car for cash on the removal date:

  • Make sure to pull out every one of your belongings from within the vehicle
  • Take out the car stereo if it can be reused
  • Contact with the car licensing department in Western Australia – Department of Transport Western Australia in WA; if you require making sure on the subjects of registration or giving away the vehicle number plates when putting up for sale.
  • Be firm with the cost you have been promised, do not get terrified by the car removal workers, be nice and obtain the money you where assured. If for some reason you do not get the value that you where guaranteed and have been promised not including for if there is unexpected circumstances do not give the car away. It is usually an unlikely occurrence… as they may be trying to trick you.
  • Fill up the necessary paper only after you acquire the cash to your palms. Don’t overlook the fact that as you sign the papers documents the car does not belong to you anymore.

Oriental Car Removal Perth is your pleasant, genuine and reliable car removal and towing company in Perth. We put forward the highest price for your redundant, wrecked, scrap or old cars that is unsurpassed by any another car removal business in Perth.

Get in touch with us now for a no compulsion instant free quote and any extra details you want

Specialist For Auto Parts Wreckers Perth WA

Cash for Cars

Are you frantically looking for a trusted car wrecker in Perth? You have come to the right place…We provide car wrecking services Perth wide.

When do you need to call for a car wrecker?

In every cars life span it comes to a point when it is so past repairs- disposing of it is the finest decision you can make.

It’s cost effective and uncomplicated to get your vehicle dismantled rather than to looking to mending it up. This is when a car wrecker is vital! A wrecker will take apart your car for cash; a car breaker wrecker will offer you a price to buy your car.

The Way it this works

  • Using a variety of print and digital media you can look for a wrecker –online media is the most simple and competent process
  • Contact the car breaker and they will arrive at your place of businesses to inspect the automobile
  • If the vehicle is what the auto wreckers are searching for that has specific sought after features such as make, model, manufacture you will be offered a good value with an on the spot quote.
  • If you agree to the terms you will get cash on the spot and aid with your paper work.
  • Using a tow truck the car will be taken to the yard and taken apart
  • The car will be torn apart -each part of the car will be broken and if there are parts that can be used again it will be taken and sold or exported
  • Out of order parts/metal will be taken for scrap metal and will be sold or sent exported

The Perfect wrecker for you

99% of auto wreckers say they are the best…but it’s far from the truth. Taking apart a car is not a job that the average Joe can perform. You have to break down the car methodically and make out what parts can be reused and what cant. Parts that can be used again need to be separated carefully not to spoil it so they can be put up for sale. The busted parts and the rest of the vehicle will be taken as scrap metal.

You require the precise workers with expertise & know-how plus appropriate equipment to do a breaking apart based on government rules and regulation along with being done in an environmentally friendly way.

Getting the right deal for you

All car breakers state they will give you top cash for your car- nevertheless the major objective for them is to give you the smallest amount money. Therefore it’s prudent to do your research previous to signing on the dotted line and giving your car way… In spite of how shattered you believe your vehicle is; you should be able to get a practical value if you find the correct wrecker – as even a smashed up car has a lot of worth.


Specialist For Auto Parts Wreckers Perth WA
Specialist For Auto Parts Wreckers Perth WA

Why Pick Us

  • Oriental Car Removal buys cars for wrecking and scrap Perth wide. With years of know-how and a capable team; this is a faultless pick for you.
  • We have provided car wrecking and car removal services successfully in the Perth region to many happy customers.
  • Our prices for car wrecking are without comparison anywhere in Perth & Western Australia.
  • We cater to all cars makes, model and age; home or foreign. Brands like as Nissan, Honda, Isuzu, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Volvo, and Mercedes are few of the brands we service
  • The team will scrutinize your car leaving no stone untouched to offer you the best rate possible.
  • Our professional wills take the most care not to smash up the vehicles good parts when dismantling the vehicle.
  • Our full wrecking process complies with the WA government legitimate practices plus in an eco friendly manner.
  • If your vehicle checks the boxes you will get top dollars for your unusable car along with free help with paper work. On top of that we provide free car removal Perth wide.

Your vehicle could be shattered, outdated or in terrible working conditions due to negligence –we will still offer you a reasonable value unmatched for your car.

Visit Oriental Car Removal for more information on our car wrecker and car removals in Perth now. Contact us we will give you a free instant no obligation quote to help you decide if we are what you are looking for.

Tips for Selling Your Car to a Relative in Perth WA

Scrap Car Removal in Perth

When money is involved things get tricky generally but if you add in a family member in the same setting, things tend to get complicated. Many experts have advised against selling large investments to family members like houses or a car. It might seem like a convenient to pass on the expensive property on to someone who you know and love but the financial debt your loved one will owe you can come with a lot of risks. If, however, you do decide to sell you car then here are a few tips from Car Removals in Perth to minimise the problems that may arise.

Title & Taxes

Whether you’re giving over the car as a gift or selling it you will need to transfer the deed to the new owner. You will need to be mindful of the rules of transfer in your particular state as they may differ so it’s best to check with your local RMS for information. You will also have to take care of all the paperwork and taxes or at least advice the new owners if anything needs to be done.

Address the Money Issue

If a family member is going to buy a car from you, you will require having an awkward conversation with them of how they will be paying. You will have to be diligent and do your research to know the actual market rate of the car and then decide a fair amount you would like to charge them. You will have to be straightforward on how much you want them to pay and if it’s the case of payment by installments then drawing up a contract would be a good idea to ensure all parties are protected. Keep in mind things may get awkward in the case of monthly payments and they can’t make payments on time. Drastic steps like repossession might have to be done. You may also suggest the relative get the car financed through a bank to take the financial heat of you.

Get the Car Checked Out

To minimise any potential for any future drama it is best to get the car checked ideally by a trusted mechanic for a checkup with the new owner. In case there is a problem a solution can be agreed upon mutually. Paying for an inspection may not be a normal practice but in the case of a family member, it might be a good idea.
If the deal doesn’t go through and you are looking for a quick way to sell your car for a fast and easy car removal that guarantees a good price on your unwanted car, give a call to Oriental Car Removal Perth at the number below. Call 0414 664 990

3 Extra Tips for selling your car to relative in Perth

  1. Always make sure to understand this process as a trade. Leave Family Ties Behind
  2. Make sure that they will receive some kind of guarantee that it will drive on open road.
  3. Tell them everything that is wrong with the car

Get Cash For Blown Head Gasket Cars Perth WA

Truck Removal Company

What Is A Head Gasket?
Knowing why a fairly low-priced head gasket becomes expensive to replace is initially understand what it sandwiched between. In the engine block, there are pistons that move up and down in cylinder bores. The pistons are attached to rods that in turn are joined to a spinning crankshaft from which the automobile gets its power. Locked up to the top of the engine is the cylinder head. Within the cylinder head are valves that open and close to allow air and fuel into the cylinders and push out the spent exhaust gas.

The head gasket is packed in flanked by the engine block and the cylinder head. The head gasket shuts in the internal combustion process. It also keeps coolant and oil from blending together as the two fluids move from the engine block to the cylinder head. The Head gaskets itself are not very costly, but getting to it is the costly process. A head gaskets repair means being tasked with the main operation of removing an engine’s head…

Sweltering over

A head gasket can breakdown from a variety of reasons, none of them all that good! However, engine overheating is the most often the offender. The metal of the engine block and head increases beyond the limit during overheating. This expansion can squeeze the head gasket to the extent where it will break.

Engine pre-ignition or detonation is the next key reason in head gasket failure. The root of these two situations is out-of-time combustion happening in the cylinders. Internal combustion is believed to happen with both valves clogged and with the piston at the top of its power stroke.

Out-of-time combustion puts additional tension on the valves, pistons and head gasket. As luck would have it, engine overheating can also push up the likelihood of pre-ignition and detonation. The noise of an engine pinging or knocking is the dangerous hum of smashed up engine

Replacing A Head Gasket

Replacing a head gasket is not an everyday job for the average Joe. Even as a head gasket failing due to old age is uncommon, it typically means all other parts are worn out to the extent of new parts being needed as well. Breaking the head off the engine and looking inside may expose that all other parts has got completely cooked, too.

The most excellent way to stop head gasket failure is to keep the cooling system working in supreme condition and make certain the engine is in tune and running properly. The malfunction of an A$20 thermostat or A$15 coolant hose can be the reason for thousands of dollars in engine harm fast.

How To Change A Head Gasket

Below listed are some common tips to changing a head gasket. If you need specific vehicle gasket replacement practices refer an official services manual.

Step 1

Getting downward to the head gasket can be a complicated procedure. All the time list out and catalogue all prior to taking out. In this instance, it was straightforward to take out the exhaust manifold, head and intake as a unit. The service manual is the primary and most essential tool in the toolbox in this case.

Step 2

Test out the head and block for flatness. Using a machined straight edge across the outside and feeler gauge will make known all you need to know. The service manual here will offer stipulation. Blocks or heads not in specification should be sent out to the auto mechanic shop and be fixed. The auto mechanics will also be capable of checking for cracks and other defects.

Step 3

Get the surface ready. By no means use something that will take away metal. Be cautious not to scrape the deck of the block or even mounting surface of the head. Despite the fact that it may appear like a fine plan to use a scrubber pad attached to a power tool, the surface abnormalities produced can be the root of sealing problems in the future.

Step 4

Follow the head bolt or stud holes with a tap or thread chaser to get rid of any muck and get ready the threads. Make use of compressed air to blow out anything firmly stuck. Correcting the head bolt torque is of the greatest significance. Any obstruction can put off the torque readings.

Step 5

Pre-fit the head gasket in the right direction. On no account use binding material except explicitly needed and asked by the manufacturer. Head gaskets that need binding material will typically come so outfitted with it. The service manual will sketch out binding material uses and needs.

Step 6

Put in order the bolt tightening sequence and torque; this is important to correct head gasket sealing. Make use of new bolts if necessary. Apply some engine oil before installing the head bolt threads. At all times use instruction manual guidelines tightening sequence and torque instructions to the last word.

Replace Or Sell Your Blown Head Gasket Cars

At times it’s better to sell your car then look to replace the head gasket. You can either look to sell your old car for cash to car removal business or sell your car to a car wrecker. There are varieties of ways you can look for car removal services or car wreckers. Make use of TV, radio, print media, newspapers, directories and the internet. The best option is to search online via Google search –you will have organic results and paid ads to choose from. Depending on the condition of your vehicle you will be able to get top dollar for your car. The right car age, car type and brand can help you get good value for your damaged vehicle. A problematic car can now turn into a financial benefit for you. There are many car removal businesses for you to choose from in Perth. You can shop around to find out who will give you the best rate for your car. At times you will be able to get cash on the spot in addition to free paperwork and free removal. Therefore after taking all facts into account if you think it’s best to sell you car then look to repair it at a large expense looking for a car removal business is your best bet.

Selling Your Blown Head Gasket vehicle to auto wreckers?

This might be a very good option if you hate the slow process of advertising and waiting. It is a hassle free process where all you have to do is fill a quote or call to sell blown gasket car at Oriental Car Removal.

We would pay you for every part of that car the same day.


The above basis tips will help you change a head gasket. But for specific vehicles use a manufacturer manual. Changing a head gasket is not an easy task that can be done by all, so if you are not proficient with car maintenance making use of an auto mechanic is an option that you should look into.

Tips For Buying A New Car In Perth WA

Cash for Cars Perth

In this small guide below we gonna give you some Tips For Buying A New Car In Perth WA

Buying a car is a big milestone and commitment in a person’s life. A car might be one of the biggest buys you make in your lifetime. Get to know what’s involved in getting a car- not just one that looks good but something that is a perfect fit for you…the right car!

Picking The Right Car

When picking a new car there are 2 things that pop in to your mind instantly

  1. The appearance-how good it looks
  2. The budget- how much it’s going to cost

The above listed are 2 very important aspects in a buying a car. But there is more to it…

Other critical facts you need to consider



Your safety and of others-Does the car meet all the safety and security requirements


How will it run? Fuel consumption vs performance – cars built for high-performance usually guzzle up more fuel



Maintenance and upkeep-the running costs – high tech and luxury international /imported models will be costly to service, fix and insure. Does your research verify the prices of regular spare parts among your local auto parts dealers. Looking in to which insurance company provides the insurance premium that fits you.


It’s not just you; don’t forget the rest of your crew-the number of people you usually carry around


Heavy use-if you need power to pull a boat ,a trailer or room for materials you need for work or just regular sports gear (cricket equipment ,golf clubs, skis)


Places to crash and take a load off-if you need space for sleeping. The majority passenger-vans and wagons can be transformed to help get you a place to sleep.

Find the real cost


When buying a car there is lot more to the price than just the retail cost. There are a variety of extra costs that you need to consider and beware of.

These additional costs include

  • Stamp duty
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Extended warranties (this is optional- but in most cases worth getting it)
  • Dealer delivery charges

These above charges will change based on the model and additional requirements you may have.

Selecting A Car


You need to buy a car that best suits your and your current lifestyle. You will need a car that helps you to go about your day to day tasks easily and efficiently. You will in addition have to pay lot of attention to the price of the car. Do research on the car market first so that you know what to expect in terms of value for money. You will need to have enough money for car maintenance, running cots and insurance not hampering your other living expenses.

Finances –can you afford it?


Look around for finance options before you start car shopping. In no way accept and sign credit or finance contracts just because it’s fast, trouble-free or just easy. The interest rate you are offered in most cases when you are offered credit fast may be much higher than what you could get from other firms; who do due diligence before giving you credit. It’s best to consider obtaining finance and getting your money in order before hand or be alert of rates of finance offered before you visit a car dealership.

Paying attention to you finances and getting one that fits your bill will help you have a smooth experience when buying and using your car…Set limit to your budget and stick to it

Protect yourself


It’s extremely dangerous to purchase from an unlicensed dealer or a private seller. These purchases are unregulated and there is very little legal protection in the event there are problems and complications. Licensed dealers are required to offer a cooling-off period and Statutory Warranty on most used vehicles they sell.

Statutory Warranty in Western Australia -this applies for used old cars and vehicles

A ‘statutory warranty’ is relevant only to vehicles purchased from a licensed motor vehicle dealer.

The Motor Vehicle Dealers Act requires licensed dealers to fix defects in used motor vehicles they have sold to consumers

In addition the statutory warranty only applies to motor vehicles that have a buying price of $4,000 or above. For motor cycles that cost needs to be above $3,500 or more. Along with the price requirements for motor vehicles and cycles together with limits on age and the number of kilometers travelled at the time of sale.

Always make certain the vehicle truly is there, it is available, meets all your expectations and has everything that was marketed.

Buying a vehicle is a huge commitment therefore make sure all the boxes are checked first before signing on the dotted line…

Oriental Car Removal Perth are leaders in car dismantling in Perth and those were the Tips For Buying A New Car In Perth WA

Ways to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Truck in Perth

Scrap Car Removal Services in Perth

There are few Ways to Get Rid of Your Used or Unwanted Truck in Perth.

  • Finding a Private Customer in need of unwanted truck
  • Posting Ads Online on sites like Gumtree
  • Sell your unwanted truck for cash to a wrecking yard

You’re interested in selling your truck? But, you’re aware that it can take a lot of work since you would need to go through a time consuming process. Maybe you’re worried about no one buying your truck? Let’s take a deep breathe, put a brake on all those worries and questions, and see how you can get rid of your used or unwanted truck super fast!

Following are a number of ways you can sell your used truck in Perth.


Finding a Private Customer

Okay, we admit it. This is one of the most difficult options. Finding a private buyer for your truck can be difficult. An idea is to put up flyers around your area. The old fashioned way is putting up a “For Sale” sign in your back window. Asking around family members and friends is another way to go.

You will also need to make sure your truck is in good condition before showing it to prospective customers. The downside of this is that this will take up a lot of your time. Customers who seem interested will vanish without any reason. They will promise to call back and follow through, and then not pick up the phone.

For genuine customers, you will need to ensure all the appropriate documents are in order. If your truck needs repairs or it’s time for maintenance, you need to have it all done beforehand. You will also need to clean up your car inside and out as it will be affect the final price. Also, be prepared for people wanting to test-drive. Make sure you price your truck appropriately as your customers will want to negotiate.


Posting Ads Online

You can put up ads online on websites like Craigslist or Edmunds. Include pictures and important features of your truck. You might have to pay for posting your ad online if you want better results. You need to be cautious when dealing with selling your old truck online.

Advertise it locally and do not answer back to people asking to ship the car anywhere else. Also do not accept wire transfers or personal checks. Do not try to hide or downplay any flaws. It is better to remain honest when dealing with potential customers to not waste time and effort.

Be ready for bargaining the price you set. Set the rules for people wanting to test drive your car. Ensure you have a picture of your number plate so you can report to the police if need be. You should also make sure you are always reachable on the number or email you provided.


Cash for Truck Services from a Good Company

With the introduction of Cash for Cars and Cash for Trucks services in Australia, selling a truck has become fairly easier. A good company can handle most of the work without you even noticing.

They transfer your truck from your place completely free of cost, arrive at a time and location of your choice and do all of this while maintaining high standards of services. These companies have made the task of selling a truck very easy, and all you actually need to do is find a reliable company and contact them for their Cash for Trucks services.

Oriental Car Removals is one such company, with services in Perth and nearby areas. Call now to sell your truck immediately at 0414 664 990


Other Ways to Get Rid of Your Used or Unwanted Truck in Perth

  • You can go to wrecking yard and scrap it for parts and sell the parts
  • Sell the truck as a metal
  • Or simply get rid of it and donate to a person in need