Things To Do Before Selling Your Scrap Vehicle To Cash For Cars Perth

Oriental Car Removal in Perth

So, you have an old and a damaged car sitting useless in your garage? Then, why don’t you consider selling it and earn some good amount? Well, selling your old vehicle to cash for cars Perth is definitely one of the best options. Not only you will get the best possible cash but you can also stay safe from a lot of hassle involved.

However, there are some important things that you need to do before selling your old and junked vehicle to car removal experts. Have a look.

1. Gather your Belongings

Most of the time, people leave their valuable things in the car and forget about them. So, before you hand over your vehicle to the car removal experts, make sure to check your car properly and gather all the belongings.

2. Cancel your Car Insurance

When you plan to sell your car, make sure to cancel the insurance well in advance. Also, make sure to sort out your ownership transferal to avoid any issues in the future.

3. Look for the best deals

Have a good look around the market to find the best cash for cars providers in Perth. Different dealers will offer you different prices based on the condition of your car. You can take help of the internet or ask for references to find the best cash for car provider according to your requirements.

Oriental Car Removal is a noted company that provides the best cash for car removal in Perth. They have a team of highly trained experts who will handle the entire paperwork involved and offers you free car removal services.

Choosing Car Wreckers for Good Cash for Old Cars

Car Removal Company in perth

Wondering if there are crazy rules for giving away your dilapidated vehicle? Or curious to receive zillions of dollars for a clunker junker placed within your grange? Not a piece of cake, rather more arduous than you actually expect, the car selling process seems to be. Increasing piles of scrap inside your backyard are no longer necessary and also, it deteriorates the surrounding environment, just go with the car wreckers Perth. Missing keys, unregistered vehicle, and less or more damaged vehicle, these concerns have nothing to do with the selling of your jalopy, the hassle-free selling is guaranteed with the car wreckers.

Car Wreckers Perth

No more time wasting on haggle, rather, free pickups, complimentary towing and the most important, hard cash are what you get at the end of the day. Many potential buyers may lure you with lucrative deals but unsure that these are unfeigned or forged. So, why not to open your eyes like a hawk and closely observe whatever comes your way. For what you need to wait for your vehicle’s fate, just ask the deft car wreckers Perth to tow it. Hand over them the keys and fill your wallet with on the spot cash.

To shun the unwanted influx into your grange, a prompt selling is indispensable. Sometimes, bountiful car parts are pivotal for the resale prospects, to become familiar with them, find car wreckers that are prominent for their reliability and topmost reputation. The moment you hire car wreckers, they won’t let your vehicle stranded on the roadside for the heavy vehicle like tow truck to come. Multitudinous of car wreckers buy old and wrecked cars for salvaging parts, resell, and recycle them irrespective of vehicles’ conditions. They allure the potential buyers with legit and incredible offers that include gargantuan cash for cars perth for the owners.

Sell My Car Perth – We Buy All Vehicles, Regardless of Condition!

Free Car removal Services

Sell My Car to Oriental Car Removal

Attempting to Sell my car Perth means advertising either in private or finding a solution that is hassle-free and could work for your used vehicle. However, this can time-intensive exercise that will usually end in frustration, stress and heaps of wasted time.

But don’t worry,

Oriental Car Removal can buy your unwanted vehicles.sell my car Perth

Cash for your Car

We’ve simplified one of the methods for buying cars. Which means when you are ready to sell your vehicle, we can pay a good cash value for any used cars; no matter the condition they’re in. If it can drive on four wheels, we can buy it and be willing to provide you with a significant offer!

Is this the easiest way to sell your car in Perth?

Getting Cash for Cars Service is probably the easiest way to sell your car in Perth, and it is all because of the process involved. All it takes is to give us a call on [phone-link], and we will do everything for you. We even come to you with a bag of cash for your car.

How Do I Sell My Car Perth Online?

You can sell your car in a small online process that makes the whole selling experience hassle-free! All you need to do is submit an inquiry, consider our offer, and then schedule a car pick up.
And don’t worry, we purchase all vehicles, any make, any model, age, and condition!

Free Valuation of Used Cars

If you want to find out how much your used car is worth, fill in the sell my car Perth form on the contact page and wait for a FREE and Almost INSTANT car valuation.

We have massive experience in the automotive and cash for cars industry. We have a unique process of dismantling unwanted vehicles that allow us to get you the best cash value for your car.

Selling My Car Today!

To sell your car today, but you are having doubts, an excellent resource is to visit the Department Of Transport where you can find out additional information about how you can sell a vehicle.

But on the end, you have already decided to sell your car today. If selling your car for cash to auto wreckers is not an option then you have another choice that is up to the task. You can have it sold privately, and to sell it today you will have to do some research on where and how you can sell it privately. But always ask yourself additional questions, because they might save you money and headaches.


Always research before selling. Check the local business reviews, their car removal or cash for cars services. Are there any hidden fees?

Should you be Selling your Car in a Private Sale?

You can get more money in Private Sale, but sometimes the whole process can be exhausting. The goal here is for you to be patient because you can be waiting a long time before you sell it. And along the way several people have come to your place to inspect the vehicle, and that alone can result in additional stress.

Before selling your car in a private sale, you must prepare yourself and do research.

That means taking high-quality pictures of your car, preparing advertisements, and to thorough market research about your car model.

Some of the private buyers can ask you to sign some guarantee. Even if you can guarantee that your car might drive the next 10,000 Kilometers, signing this can be a bad idea. Don’t do it.

It can be a challenge of finding the right buyer and selling your car privately. You can always search for Oriental Car Removal to sell my car Perth and we will be there for you.

We buy old, unwanted vehicles

We are different. We buy all vehicles. That means even the old, junk, flooded or broken cars.

The model makes and condition; It doesn’t matter with Oriental Car Removal.

  • Used
  • Broken
  • Damaged
  • Wrecked
  • Accident
  • Scrap
  • Smashed
  • Old
  • Salvaged
  • Unwanted

We provide superior and free services. An example of this is our Car Removal service that will exceed your expectations.

Our privately owned and operated company has been in the business for more than a decade. We have served more than 15,000 customers. And the majority is happy with our services. Just check our reviews.

We, Will, Buy Your Vehicle Today!

If you want to sell your vehicle today, then you should stop looking for other companies.

We will personally prepare everything for you and guide you on how the process works. We will give you a free quote based on existing market value, and if you sell your car for parts, then we look at the current scrap metal prices.

A hassle-free buying process:

  1. You give us a call or fill in an inquiry on the website.
  2. We agree on the price, and we schedule a meeting.
  3. We come to you! We bring cash, Free Paperwork and if the car is sold for scrap, we offer Free Removal
  4. All this happens the same day! And the best part is we can come anywhere in Greater Perth!

How Much Is My Car Worth?

In general, if you want to get paid in cash, then your car worth to us can be from $100 up to $10,000. It all depends on the model, make, condition, age and other different factors that are taken in comparison to the current market and industry trends. Check this post to find out more about how much selling your car is worth to wreckers.

What Car makes and models do you buy?

We buy all makes and models. Below there is a list of some famous brands that we buy and pick up every day.

  • Japanese: Suzuki, Subaru, Mazda, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda
  • German: Mercedes, Porsche, Opel, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen (Passat, Volkswagen Golf, Golf+ Variant ..etc.)
  • American: Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Chevrolet, Chrysler, and Holden
  • French Automobiles: Peugeot, Citroën
  • Italian: Fiat, Alfa Romeo

Holden Wreckers Perth WA

Cash for Car Removal

Holden Wreckers Perth (Car Salvage & Recycling Yard)

If you are looking for Holden Commodore spare parts or want to get rid of your unwanted Holden vehicle, then our Holden Wreckers Perth service is your number one choice of Holden salvage yard in Perth.


holden wreckers perth


  • Astra, Barina, Colorado, Commodore, Cruze, Rodeo, Vectra

Your unwanted Holden car could just be lying in your garage, taking up valuable space and adding to junk. Rather than letting it rot and become useless, why not contact us, we are efficient Holden Wreckers Perth, get rid of the scrap car and make some cash out of the whole process! With us, you get a dual advantage; you get rid of unwanted vehicle and make good cash!


Our Holden Wreckers Perth service has been operating as licensed auto dismantling since 2002. Based in Maddington, we offer car-wrecking services throughout Perth. We are a reputed, reliable and trust-worthy car wrecker and deal with all types of cars, 4 runners and trucks and all models as well. We guarantee to get you a good deal for your Holden and will even arrange to get it picked up from any location in West Australia.


As your Holden wreckers in Perth, we ensure that we will provide you with the best and top quality car wrecking service that is hassle-free and speedy. We will also make sure we are able to get you a good price for your Holden. No matter what condition your Holden is in, whether it is damaged or worn down due to wear and tear, we will get you the best deal possible for it. What adds to our reliability is that we do not delay payment for your Holden. We will make you a payment in cash and on the spot. So, you need not be worried about your money being delayed or held-up.

In line with offering convenient car wrecking services, we arrange to have your Holden picked up from any location in Perth, generally the same day you contact us. So whether you own a Commodore, Caprice, Ute or a 4×4, we will get you a good deal for it in case you want to hire the services of Holden Wreckers Perth.



Holden Second Hand Car Parts in Perth

Holden Wreckers Perth stock a large range of used car parts, specializing in used engines and gearboxes.

We can deliver West Australia Wide or you can pick up from our yard in Maddington.

  • Transmission
  • VN VP VR V6 Commodore Engines
  • VS VT VX V6 Commodore Engines
  • Commodore Transmissions
  • Panels
  • Starter Motors
  • Alternators
  • Distributors
  • Car Batteries
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Plus much more

Sell your Holden to our Wrecking Service in Perth

We would pay you good cash for it.

When its time to wreck a Holden, we are using our unique oriental car removal process, where the you get the best price for your holden and we still profit.

So go ahead, call us today or submit an Enquiry for our Holden Wreckers Perth service.


Cash for Flood Damaged Cars In Perth WA

Car Breakers in Perth

Subsequent to colossal rain and thunder storm there will be massive damages for people and property. Despite the fact that insurance will help you with a small monetary aid there will still be a beating. The bulk of people are keen to trade their property than look to fix it. The same is for vehicles…


Buying a flood damaged car

With folks wanting to sell their cars damaged by flood there will be no shortage of cars just after a storm

A largest hazard of buying a previously owned motor vehicle is that you can be never certain of its past.

If you fancy buying a used car make certain you can spot vehicle damaged by rain and flood.


Dangers of Flooded Cars

Flood-damaged cars are mostly unreliable. Practiced mechanics can perhaps cover up the bulk of the external flood break; it is extremely difficult to totally repair an engine that has been flooded by lots of water.

The vehicle may look as if rather glossy on the outer surface, except deterioration from within—inserting you and family/friends in peril, and forever in danger of having hefty expensive maintenance.


Flood Damage Cars and Salvage Titles

Motor vehicles that have been damaged from floods are over and over measured as beyond restoration and, if patched up, will have stains of evermore a salvage title. A salvage title is a vital pointer of a car that has been through fierce break. Buying a salvage title motor vehicle is not always a awful thing, but acquiring a flood damage car is.

Research relating to a vehicles times past previous to buying it. Don’t hesitate to discover about the type of the harm on a salvage title car, and walk away if the car has been caught up in a flood. Despite of the how low the price is it will under no conditions be a good buy.


Signs of Flood-Damaged Cars


Smell is at its highest if the vehicle was set aside with the shutters closed for a extended time. Equally is the conflicting smell of strong cleaning resources and car fresheners wanting to hide it!



Pursue for damages on all the inner equipment of the used car, counting: Ceiling fabric, Rugs, Upholstery and Seat belts.

Be attentive of newly positioned fabric. A latest rug on a used car or not matching materials can be massive red flags.


Rust could be a symptom of water damage that is difficult to hide. Rust within a car will be mainly noteworthy as that is part rust should never be seen during customary deterioration in a vehicle.


Electrical and Mechanical Components

A vehicle with a plenty of water blemish ought to have problems with its electrical equipment. Look over each electrical part, counting its windows, Air condition, Seats, Blinkers and Radio.

You should feel the difference in the journey when you take the vehicle for a test drive. The engine will by no means work as smoothly.


Extra Advice


Though you figured out the flood damage, there are factors you must accept when you are in the market for a second-hand vehicle. Leading one, consider spending a little extra fund to have a informed and trustworthy car mechanic check the vehicle for you.


You ought to look to getting hold of a car history report. This report will offer you insight where the car has been and if it was caught up in accidents—apart from flooding—that must to be a explanation in its less than usual low price and safety.

Yet armed up with this information, it’s not clear-cut to distinguish out a flood-damaged vehicle. The best hint: stay clear of purchasing used cars from a recent flooded area.

Cash for Flood Damaged Cars In Perth
Cash for Flood Damaged Cars In Perth

Selling off a damaged car hit by floods


In these situations it’s wise to look to sell your flood damaged car rather than wanting to fit it up; primarily when it was caught in a big rain & flood. The cost for getting car back to its earlier glory will not be sensible as you can use that money in buying a brand new car. Our Car Breakers on 14 Jade ST, maddington can remove flood damaged cars without hassle and give you nice amount of cash for it.


As a result placing your damaged car for sale to cash for cars business will be an intelligent decision. At the onset do your learning and investigation and opt for the car removal company that presents you the best rate for your rain flood damaged car. Taking in to account the condition, the locale and what the buyer is after you will be presented a quotation for your discarded car.


Oriental Car Removal Perth gives a price without comparison for flood damaged cars in Perth. For added details or a quote make contact with us now


Cash for Hail Damaged Cars in Perth WA

Free Car removal Services

After a gigantic thunderstorm, accompanied by hail and wreckage; a vast tidying up will have to take place! After the storm ravages businesses they will have to start over to get to previous the storm happening. This is the case for car business as well.

The instant a vicious storm raises its head; wrecked cars are separate off the car yards so space is fashioned for the new vehicles. So you wonder what happens to the cars broken in the storm.

In general the cars are sent to the insurance provider to gauge the break up and obtain compensation. Thus, to ease the monetary hammer, the seller will sell off the written-off cars – often at a very not expensive rate.

Petite breaks can often point to a okay deal on new or partially new car. Except you need to think of the significance when you acquire a car that was torn apart in a brutal storm or hail.

Too badly broken to be repaired vs. too expensive to repair

When buying a damaged car, it can be broken in to two categories -a statutory or repairable write-off

Statutory write-offs are vehicles that are so badly damaged that it’s not probable to be securely fixed up. Therefore cannot be registered! These types of cars are usually sold for car parts and scrap metal and can be a brilliant buy if you have a motor vehicle that desires additional parts. These wrecked vehicles can be sold to cash for cars companies that will offer you top Aussie dollar for broken cars in Perth with a free hail damaged cars removal service

Repairable write-offs are broken cars that you can re-register. Nevertheless this will simply occur after endorsement of the Written-Off Vehicle Inspection (WOVI) – next to the regular fit for the road assessments – these tests will confirm the car is road worthy.

In Perth, written off cars that need to get road cleared have to be permitted via Department of Transport Western Australia, to make known to would-be clients the past of the motor vehicle.

Numerous cars that have been in the center of a big storm that are on the trail to be sold may just be deemed as not fit for the road; awaiting they’re being put together. It’s very vital to get these cars inspected in detail; like when you are buying a new car.

Do up a damaged car

You may come face to face with a car that’s not ready for the road; as it has exterior break to machinery like paint, panels or windows. Folks are forever on the quest to find the newest car models; with mentioned above breaks and look to save a big wand of cash of a comparatively new car.

Even so be on your guard that the price of mend possibly goes over more than thought and becomes not so much a good buy!

Getting the vehicle back to its former greatness previous to the storm damage can be very costly to do mending and getting spare parts. As a result the money you sought to save in purchasing the car is cancelled by the restoration price.

It’s very important to perform research and analysis to discover the greatest offer on repair, as a lackadaisical work will just result in you having to shell out more money in the not too far-away future.

Consider the actuality that following a huge thunderstorm, one and all will have their vehicles at the mechanics – therefore there should be far-reaching delays in obtaining your car back.

Even so if you’re happy to drive around in a car with a little scrapes and dents – carry on! But make certain you get the car appropriately inspected by a competent mechanic prior to shelling big money on it.

Cash for Hail Damaged Cars in Perth
Cash for Hail Damaged Cars in Perth

Selling a damaged car by hail


At times it’s best to sell your wrecked car than trying to fix it particularly when it’s been in the middle of a nasty storm alongside with hail. The price for restoration of the car will not be rational as you can invest that money in to getting a shiny new car. Although the exterior of the car seems well as it can be patched up simply; you can under no conditions be sure of the interior fracture due to the hail on the motor vehicle.

Considering the option for selling your car for cash to a car removal company will be an intelligent choice. First of all do your study and examination and choose on the car wrecker that proposes you the largely excellent bid for your smashed and redundant vehicle. Taking in to account the state, the location and what the purchaser is searching for you will be offered a proposal for your unwanted and broken car.

Oriental Car Removal in Perth gives a price unrivaled for unwanted cars in Perth. For further details or a no obligation free quote speak to us now.

How Much Does Scrap Car Removal Cost in Perth WA

Mazda Wreckers

Are you on the lookout for a car removal business to help you out with your busted up car? Then you wonder how much cash it will cost you?

It’s a sensible query, a question that we often hear from folks that are in the market to make a purchase. It’s the same for individuals who require putting up their unwanted cars for cash.

The individuals who are novices to the car game or not awfully familiar in selling their unwanted or out of order cars for sale; anxious about how much cash they will get hold of for their former car. Their main objective is to make out what the maximum sum of money they can acquire!

Unfortunately, it’s not all the time clear-cut, as there are abundant of car removal companies doing business in Perth. All of the cash for cars companies state to the public they present the greatest cash for cars next to auxiliary services like free car removal, but in realism it all comes down to the vehicle and what the buyer is looking for.

The cost for car removal or cash for cars is comes down to a series of factors. Let’s dig deeper in on finding out what they are; subsequently you have to be realistic not to anticipate a bag full of money.

However be confident you do not present your car away for zilch… A bit of familiarity and research will be a great helper to make you self-assured on the subject of selling your car.

Below listed are factors on how much car removal cost

Car Removal cost comes down to the state and place of the car– the closer the vehicle; where it is located and condition. What it means a full car with the entire parts together will get you additional money; more cash added on to that price minus for towing if a vehicle is close. Nonetheless a lot of car removal companies offer free car removal services as an additional windfall to spin the deal in their favor.

You can decide on the time and location for the vehicle to be taken away. You get to decide the car wrecker that offers you the best deal. An alternative for you is to take the car the wrecking yard and hand it over. This will be of assistance for you to get more value for your car if there is towing charges or location boundaries.

The point of reference cost or cash for car removal is FREE when you sell the unwanted car to a car removal company.

The cost for towing if not done through a car removal business can be in the vicinity of $100 and $1500 depending on where the vehicle is.

The obviously pricey tows might be if your vehicle is in a different state or beyond city boundaries. Likewise if you want a tow after working hours it will be added on to the towing cost.

The standard cash for unwanted cars price usually starts from Aussie dollars $100 right up to $9,999.


How does broken and unwanted car removal in Perth operate?

Prior to totaling up your money you must to be awake to the idea of how the car removal trade industry works.

You must to do your investigation and scrutiny to find out who will offer you the most wonderful offer for your redundant vehicle.

It is very important that you are able to comprehend inner workings of how car removal and towing works. Taking into account what the purchaser is probing, the business and the condition are major points how the price can be changed.

A main false impression concerning a car removal business is that any person that gives the highest value is the obviously brilliant car removal company you select. This is not all the time correct; the company can offer an high price but when they arrive for pickup they put forward explanations and try to provide you the least sum probable. Their main argument is they declare the details you provided where wrong to the real state of the vehicle. Don’t be swindled; under no circumstances sign off on the motor vehicle if you don’t get value you are after.

How do you obtain a car removal quote?

You get a bid for your discarded car when you drop a line to a used car buyer using phone or email.
  • Make sure the quotation is provided by a specialist car removal crew expert.
  • Present all particulars relating to your car to all your perceptive. This will provide the car removal individuals to put forward a genuine and accurate price.
  • Ask a lot of concerning how much cash you will be offered and what the buyer is searching. Validate for additional circumstances and requirements.
  • The majority money you can get comes down to on how you haggle plus the state of the vehicle. Negotiate as much as humanly possible; show your acquaintance of the motor vehicle.
  • Show the purchaser that you have done the research and you are aware what the correct value you should get.
  • Include in your discussion the mileage, make, model, your locality, and all breaks of the motor vehicle plus any other particulars.
  • Hit upon if towing is FREE and if you bring the car yourself to the wrecking yard will get you extra cash.
  • Rego (registration) or no rego of the vehicle, as a lot of cash for Cars Company give additional cash if the car is registered.
  • For time-honoured brands like Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford or Honda you can get better price compared to other brands; so make sure the brand is taken in to account when the bid is decided.
How Much Does Scrap Car Removal Cost in Perth
How Much Does Scrap Car Removal Cost in Perth


Car Removal & Towing Cost


Subsequent to selling the car for cash on the removal date:

  • Make sure to pull out every one of your belongings from within the vehicle
  • Take out the car stereo if it can be reused
  • Contact with the car licensing department in Western Australia – Department of Transport Western Australia in WA; if you require making sure on the subjects of registration or giving away the vehicle number plates when putting up for sale.
  • Be firm with the cost you have been promised, do not get terrified by the car removal workers, be nice and obtain the money you where assured. If for some reason you do not get the value that you where guaranteed and have been promised not including for if there is unexpected circumstances do not give the car away. It is usually an unlikely occurrence… as they may be trying to trick you.
  • Fill up the necessary paper only after you acquire the cash to your palms. Don’t overlook the fact that as you sign the papers documents the car does not belong to you anymore.

Oriental Car Removal Perth is your pleasant, genuine and reliable car removal and towing company in Perth. We put forward the highest price for your redundant, wrecked, scrap or old cars that is unsurpassed by any another car removal business in Perth.

Get in touch with us now for a no compulsion instant free quote and any extra details you want